In the event of Death
We supply you with regionalised advice in relation to the topics of mourning, making provisions, last will and testament, inheritance and burial. We provide you with checklists, or so-called content maps, to make it easier for you to handle all text. more
Inheritance tax
Our memorial website is supplied ready for operation, including basic contents in the form of some twenty existing articles in the "Advice" section. Regionalised advice articles provide added value for your customers and allow you to become a memorial specialist in your region.more
Hospice and terminal care
The content can be extended as required by the publisher via the website CMS in order to generate an appropriate level of unique content. This impacts the website's search engine ranking positively and also offers interesting added value for visitors to the website.more
Sympathy and sadness sayings
Everything about the eulogy, condolences or death notices can be found here.more