Create memorial page

Every death notice published has its own memorial page on which condolences can be entered and memorial candles lit. These pages are a beautiful way to commemorate deceased family members and friends online.

To activate an existing memorial page free of charge, simply click here..


Create memorial page now


You can create your individual and personalised memorial page in just a few steps. Custom design the memorial page with numerous functions and create a shared place of remembrance online.

The memorial page will expire automatically after twelve months and can be extended for a charge at your request.


Create memorial page now



Create memorial page now


Activate an existing memorial page

All previously published death notices can be activated via the memorial page that has already been created.

To the right of the death notices on the memorial page you will see a box entitled "Extend memorial page". Click the "Activate free of charge now" button in this box to start the free activation process.

You will receive your personal login credentials for accessing the memorial page by e-mail following activation.

Search now for the memorial page you want to activate.