What is a memorial page?

Memorial pages create a place of remembrance online / Artens's portfolio Shutterstock.de

Lasting remembrances for shared commemoration

Memorial pages allow family, friends and acquaintances to share special moments online and capture them forever. The beautiful shared moments are therefore kept alive with anecdotes, photos and videos, preserved in the memory and documented for later family generations.

Design personal memorial pages together

In just four simple steps, you can create an individual memorial page on our memorial website. This page can then be visited by invited relatives and friends using a separate web address, who can likewise share memories on the memorial page in the form of text and pictures and thus bring the life of the departed back to life again. Visitors to the page remain in close contact even over large distances through the friends and family list and can provide comfort to each other.

Individual functions for a wealth of memories

A personal memorial page also offers you a variety of other functions. The colour of the page can be adapted, for example, photo albums created and videos and music files uploaded simply at the press of a button. The life story of the departed can also be captured for eternity with highs, lows and special experiences. Because different things will probably be important to different relatives, up to five sub-pages can be created additionally (e.g. sub-pages such as „Hobbies„, „Grave site„, „Poetry„). Last but not least, a personal memorial page allows the favourite music of the departed to be played in the background.

Maintaining privacy with password protection

Mourning is very personal and everyone deals with loss in different ways. Sometimes people do not want to reveal these painful feelings to the general public.
If the page is to be accessible only to a select group of people, you can protect the page with a password. You decide yourself who visits the page and who can post what contents. This means that personal information really is private.